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Posted by GrayAnimations - 1 month ago

Again, Filmbudds is eddsworld with worse animation.


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Dude cmon! We already get it, you don't like filmbudds! Even I have problems with the series, like some parts of the writing, rushed stuff, some jokes could have been better, needs to be more unique, you get the idea! But like, don't treat the series like it's the worst thing ever created! Like i know that you have some problems with AnimatedNoel, and yes i have to admit it's kind of a rip off of eddsworld, but like you need to repeat yourself everytime? Like, you can give your opinion, but like, you don't have to be repeating the same things a million times! And like, your criticisms of the series are usually constructive, and I can agree with a lot of what you say, but it's just a web show dude, you don't need to be that harsh with them! I'm not even saying that you can't criticize them, you can, and like I said I agree with some of the things you say, I'm just saying that you don't have to be so harsh on them! But that's basically it, I'm just saying don't repeat the same things a million times and don't be so harsh on them! Also, I'm sorry if I'm looking too repetitive on my arguments!
-Sincerely IsNotaGuy

Thanks for the feedback, ILL BE EVEN WORSE

(im kidding)

@IsNotaGuy @GrayAnimations hehe funny! But thanks for read my feedback! Your cool dude, but you are kind harsh with them sometimes!

i just dont like noel, lol

Oh Ok! But why?

lets just say he's an asshole

@IsNotaGuy @GrayAnimations Ok dude!

Oh, all Noel did was make a show just for fun and it’s even slightly related to Eddsworld? He’s gonna legally get punished for that!

noel succ

Of course , FilmBuddies , Noel , Tony , Christiana and DoRFdE

@stevetherapper @GrayAnimations yeah that was sarcasm derp

i knoww

im pretty sure they get you hate filmbudds, you're always rambling on and on about how you hate Filmbudds all because it was inspired by eddsworld, and not to mention, can we talk about how you've also been at this for 5 months? just let it go already my guy, at this point you're just being kind of annoying

noel succ

everyone else is fine, lol if filmbudds also didn't take exact things from eddsworld, i wouldnt have a problem (they took their music btw)

Noel succ

Noel succ

But seriously Grayson, why do you feel the need to hate on Filmbudds all because it takes minor inspiration from Filmbudds? “Oh, a character is crossing his arms? Boom, Eddsworld ripoff.” “Oh, it takes music that Eddsworld used? Boom, Eddsworld ripoff, coincidental or not.”

Seriously dude, it was really not needed or wanted for you to restate that you hate Filmbudds multiple times. Goddamn, all 7 billion people get it. Just because Filmbudds takes minor inspiration from Eddsworld doesn’t mean it’s an Eddsworld ripoff. If it completely ripped off an episode of Eddsworld, maybe.

And besides, even if it was an Eddsworld ripoff, you don’t need to treat it like a goddamn sin. Come on, Noel made the show for fun, leave him and the rest of the crew the fuck alone, please. At this point you’re just acting like a goddamn toddler.

Calm down,luckily it's not you