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Progress Update.

Posted by GrayAnimations - 1 month ago

Hey Guys. Uh. It hasn't been TOO much of a hot second. I've been posting more art here then usual cuz I haven't completed any animations lol.

I plan to complete some though....very, VERY soon.

Right now, I need to get done working on Fatman, and then once that is complete, animation will begin for:

Metal Gear SUPER Awesome.

I have been through some stuff these past few months, (as a lot of u know) and I uh, I got a therapist!! (yay??)

I dunno when i'm gonna get better but i'll be fine as long as I DO recover at least SOMETIME.

Oh, and I have recently amassed 600 followers! (not to sound full of myself but) I think I have made a new record of being the youngest user to be this successful on NG. Idk where its gonna lead to. But I'm happy where I am, and can only wait to know what's beyond this.

I love each and every one of you.

Idc, whether you like me or not, I like you. and I can't thank everyone enough for it.

Newgrounds IS my sacred space for posting my junk. And the amount of positive feedback is so heartwarming.

I honestly wouldn't be so jovial right now if it weren't for this community.

I especially wanna REALLY thank my boys @harpycarp @zachdewd @zloobz @ziqvm @voicesbycorey @ginos @ninjamuffin99 @wandaboy @doodleng @gazdenroolay @crikkit and @8bitant for being so kind to me and being so considerate toward me. You guys are truly the poggiest group of friends of all time.

Thank you :0

Again, I love you guys and remember to stay-


Damnit snake..people can't BE metal gear..

-gray :)



Comments (12)

congrats on 600 followers!

congrats on the 600! you deserve each follow and then some, my dude! And cheers to Metal Gear Super Awesome living up to its name!

happy 600 dude

Congrats bud cant wait to see what you do in the future. :)

thank u!

@ZanderAflame @GrayAnimations Hey anytime dude

Many reasons to celebrate. We must have cake

nah, what about green been casserole with cashews?

congrats hommes

Im a homie now.

Congrats on the 600 fans dude! sorry that i'm not talking so much like we used to do but i'm always here if you need to so glad you got therapy and you are working on stuff, I love you and wish you the best!

Hey man! It's alright, i've been REALLY busy tbh so that gets in the way a bit. Thanks for being there, and love ya too dude, keep bein ebic. B')

are you the boyfriend in FnF because your hair is blue like he.

imagine this: cam hires me as the VA of boyfriend. :O

Congrats! Can't wait to see what you post!

@GrayAnimations All you would say is beep boop